Mitsubishi Motors ASX

Underpinned by research which showed us that people are starting to embrace the idea of spending less time staring at their phone/tablet, we aligned this insight with the ASX to give it a modern relevance and a fresh personality; showcasing its ability to reconnect us to the treasure trove of experiences offered by the great outdoors.

These days, how often do we get outside for an adventure? In an era dominated by digital technologies, carefully edited social media posts, restricted character limits and endless filters, the answer is ‘not as often as we should’. In fact, most of us spend more time looking at amazing adventures on our screens than we do actually living them. This influenced the idea behind our TV campaign for the Mitsubishi ASX.

Shot both in a studio and on location in Lisbon, Portugal, the ad features the ASX driving through a clinical world of screens, tablets, smartphones and other digital devices. On these displays, we see a fragmented representation of the real world – however, the car is still in a studio, and the screens are just a 2 dimensional representation of the type of environment that it would really thrive in.

Towards the end of the ad, the ASX finally breaks free and drives into the ‘real’ world, a landscape punctuated with blue skies and golden sunlight. The voice over encourages us to put down our phones, log out of social media and escape our virtual lives.