‘Every day is a lesson’: My first two weeks as an intern at Golley Slater Cardiff

In 2017 Thanos was celebrating the fact he’d picked up a degree in chemistry and was looking forward to his graduation ceremony. But he still didn’t have any plans for the future and didn’t know what he wanted to do next.  All he knew was that chemistry wasn’t his passion. He took a step back and spent a year in his home country Greece to think about his next steps.

Now two years on, he’s studying a Master’s degree in public relations and communications at Cardiff Uni and has joined us at Golley Slater Cardiff for a month to get some experience in the world of PR. This is what he’s been up to during his first two weeks!

First impressions 

I wore my best smile and walked into the office one sunny Monday morning, ready for the challenge. The first couple of hours in a new environment are always challenging but thankfully everyone was kind to me, making me feel welcome and comfortable. I started off with a simple task of putting together the paper review and sending out any news that could be of interest to the rest of the team. The best way to start in a new workplace is by doing something simple and easy, as this gives you confidence to take on more challenging tasks as you go along. And they did not take long to appear…

The time of challenges

Getting things done in combination with building positive relationships with the people around me, made me feel like I was in the right place.

One of the cool things I did during my first week was drafting a blog post. I conducted a phone interview with the chairman of a football team and got important insight regarding some funding that our client had provided. Then, based on the information I got, I drafted a blog post which highlighted the importance of that funding as well as giving an overview of the hopes and dreams of the team. I thoroughly enjoyed both the talking part and the writing as I got to socialise with someone who had some interesting stories and I got to be creative and practice my writing skills at the same time.

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During the first two weeks at Golley Slater I also got to be part of lots of meetings for lots of different accounts. I read briefs and proposals, getting a real insight into the world of PR. My co-workers always included me in group meetings making me feel like part of the team, always willing to answer my questions. But the highlight of my second week has to be the creative brainstorming session I was part of.  Getting briefed on the problem at hand and being informed on what our mission is, I witnessed how creative ideas are born. Everyone got their time to shine, everyone shared a little something and from that little something, a creative campaign was born.

Finding the balance

It seems that at Golley Slater, they really care about giving you a real sense of what it means to work at a creative agency.  They trust new interns to do some real PR work and most of all they want you to learn and enjoy your time there. For example, I had lots of one to one meetings with an account manager, where she made sure that I did not have too many tasks to the point of feeling overwhelmed or too few tasks to the point of feeling bored. We made a list of all the things that I wanted to do during my time here to make sure that I am getting the best out of this internship as possible.

Looking forward

My first two weeks at Golley Slater went by in a flash. As time progresses, I feel more and more at ease here as I get to meet more people, work on different accounts and perform a variety of different tasks. I am looking forward to the next two weeks as I am sure I am going to do more challenging tasks and push myself even more. Every day is a lesson here and I am getting wiser by the minute.