Golley’s week that was #10

From talking about the effects of Brexit to looking towards the future of Golley Slater and our values, here’s what we’ve been up to this week…

Making It Matter

Last Friday was a big day for the Golleys’ gang. We spent the afternoon talking about our agency culture and new company purpose: Make It Matter/ Gwneud Iddo Gyfri.

Our company purpose has been designed around our staff, clients and consumers’ needs and demonstrates our passion for creating work that matters to people, from those we work with to those we work for.

A manifesto was unveiled as a way of cementing our values:

We believe in making work that matters. The kind of work people care about. That piques their interest, reflects their passions. Meets their needs. Has integrity.

We’re not into spamming, bombarding, hard selling. We know this only leads to people switching off and skipping on. We’re also not here to offer mediocre ideas. We know this never leads to meaningful results.

We make stuff that engages, that makes people smile, gets them thinking. That compels them to find out more, urges them to reappraise. Whether they’re mad about sloth memes, crazy for cars or just wants the latest on legislation, our job is to tap into the stuff that makes them care. And deliver it at a time and place that’s right for them. 

So at Golley Slater, we do everything we can to understand people. We’re hungry to find out more about them, curious about what makes them tick. We’re always looking out for the next opportunity to engage people. Always keen to drive the conversation with them forward.

And we work together, as one big team, to make sure that people, from those that work for us, to those we work for remain at the heart of everything we do.  

To show our commitment to staff happiness and the Welsh Government’s Wellbeing strategy, we mapped our company culture initiatives against the national 7 Wellbeing Goals. We gathered all staff together at an event to announce our big plans to make Golley Slater a more healthy, equal, fun, innovative, creative, green and charitable place to work, all under our new mantra of ‘Make It Matter’.

Exciting new initiatives were announced including discounted gym membership for all staff, healthy breakfasts every morning, free mental health support as well as a fun treat every Friday. We also got some snazzy new tote bags and water bottles to help keep us environmentally conscious at all times!

Watch this space for more information on ‘Make It Matter’ and what it will mean for our agency and clients moving forward…

How Brexit could affect comms

A few of the guys went to the CIPR Rise & Shine event ‘Brexit…a working title’ on Thursday morning, at Bigmoose coffee co in Cardiff.

The presentation was given by the former Head of Communications for Brexit in Wales, Laurian Hubbard, who talked the guys through the journey of Brexit from the 2016 vote through to the potential outcomes this March.

She also ran a short Q&A after the presentation, where we discussed how Brexit could impact comms from an in-house and agency perspective.

An update on Red Nose Day

So after our day of eating cake and sticking cream pies in Will and Jake’s face we got our calculators out and totalled up all the money we’d raised for Comic Relief.

A massive thank you to everyone who contributed, we raised a fantastic £200!

For anyone who’d like to throw some extra pennies towards this amazing cause, you can visit our JustGiving page here.