Golley’s week that was #38

Our regular round-up of what’s been going on in the Golley Slater Cardiff office over the last seven days.

We joined Jason Mohammed to discuss the backlash against M&S’s Christmas window

This week Marks and Spencer sparked a sexism debate after one of its stores chose to display ‘fancy little knickers’ for women alongside dapper ‘outfits to impress’ for men for their Christmas window display (Read more here)

This quite obviously became a topic of discussion on the day and our head of strategy and insight Angharad Thomas discussed this from an advertising perspective on BBC Radio Wales with Jason Mohammed

“These big brands start their Christmas planning back in February and March so they do have a team who think about carefully about it, this is why it’s surprising that it’s happened and something which I think wasn’t done on purpose.”

“I’ve seen the displays in Cardiff where the men and women in the window are fully dressed and what I think is causing this controversy from this store is the jarring juxtaposition of the clothing.”

What tends to happen is once the idea is decided, guidelines and parameters are set because there are so many different placements to consider that the concept needs to be kept under control.

You can listen to the full piece here – to listen to Angharad’s points skip to around 4o minutes! –

We turned the media sloth-crazy

You’ve heard of retirement homes for people, you might have heard of retirement homes for cats and dogs…but what about a retirement home for sloths? The zoo team at Folly Farm has made the decision to start one by taking on elderly sloths who have ‘retired’ from other zoos and giving them a comfortable home in their later years.

Folly’s first two-toed sloth, 24-year-old Tuppee, has just been joined by Lightcap, 34, who is currently the fifth oldest sloth in any European zoo. By taking on these older animals, Folly is helping conservation efforts at other zoos where the free enclosures can be used in breeding programmes.

It turned out the media love sloths as much as we do – one of Folly’s keepers was interviewed for the BBC Radio Wales drivetime show yesterday, and if you keep your eyes peeled you might also catch Lightcap and Tuppee on ITV Wales at Six this evening. If you can’t wait until then, the story was also covered on BBC Wales Online and ITV Wales Online.

Rise & Shine! How to get 50,000 people to your event: Pride Cymru

With their budget slashed and the Welsh weather against them we found out how the team behind this year’s Pride Cymru still manage to create such a successful event.

In this month’s Rise and Shine CIPR Cymru event we heard from Hannah Granton (Head of Marketing, Pride Cymru) and Megan Chick (PR and Communications Manager, Pride Cymru) who explained how collaborating Marketing and PR teams utilised their resources to stage one of the country’s biggest family events, bringing the community together and securing national coverage.

Pride Cymru is Cardiff’s biggest event, and Wales’ biggest Pride, bringing 50,000 people to the capital every year to celebrate diversity and equality. Run entirely by volunteers, and with a decreasing budget, the event saw its most challenging year in 2018.

There was a lot to be learnt at this Rise and Shine, from how to  make your event stand out to how to combat negative social chatter and build a strong community of dedicated fans. We can’t wait for next year!

We welcomed Jess to the team!

We’ve welcomed brand new team member Jessica Beeken as our latest Account Director.

Jessica joined Golley Slater from the UK Government, where she was part of the strategic communications team at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. During her time in Whitehall, Jessica devised and delivered a number of high-profile integrated marketing and communication campaigns including the loneliness strategy, introduction of GDPR legislation and centenary of the First World War.

Jessica previously worked at Working Word and Synergy Global and was an integral member of the team working across a wide-range of public and private sector accounts such as Welsh Government, Liberty House Group, RBS 6 Nations and Cardiff Council.