Golley’s week that was #36

We’ve been fundraising to #GetKimHome.

Kimberly Chard, 34 is desperately trying to get to home after being told she can no longer receive treatment for cystic fibrosis. Currently in Harefield hospital, London, doctors are unwilling to let Kim come home until they can be sure she has the right care and modifications to allow her to manage the condition.

People of Cardiff have rallied together to raise funds to pay for the modifications and care to allow Kim to spend the time she has left with her family. Acorn and Cardiff Medical Supplies worked together to donate and fit a stair lift in Kim’s home within three days of hearing about her story.

We’ve arranged a range of events to #GetKimHome including a sponsored cycle, a bake off- which has raised over £200 and a sponsored walk up Pen Y Fan. The team, with help from Welsh cycling, Lewis Oliva and Josh Llewelyn Jones, were aiming to cycle 888 miles in just one day. 888 miles is the average monthly distance that Kim travelled between her home in Bargoed and Harefield hospital while receiving treatment. We’re really happy to say we smashed this and achieved a total of 1,184 miles and also received the good news that Kim is now home!

If you’d like to donate, no matter how big or small, follow this link – https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/getkimhome?utm_term=Y6bRJ9zqa

Social influencer, I Loves The ‘Diff, gave his top tips on how to use social for your business.

‘Influencer marketing’ is one of the biggest trends for brands wanting to grow their audience and improve sales. Teaming up with someone with a big social media following who your potential customers both like and trust can be far more effective than traditional advertising.

In this article from the drum they explain “Influencer marketing has long been accepted as a marketing method thanks to the influencer’s ability to relate to and consequently influence their community. Thanks to the rise of the internet and the democratic power of social media, influencers have grown again in popularity

Although he might not admit it Christian Amodeo, the founder of the multi award winning cult brand I Loves The ‘Diff, is one of the biggest influencers in Cardiff. The humble blogger/social star held a Q&A in partnership with Natwest Business Accelerator Hub where he discussed the power of social influencers and their ability to help boost business and awareness of new campaigns and products.

Christian – who has almost 64,000 followers on Twitter and more than 13,000 on Instagram – outlined the do’s and don’ts of effective blogging, tweeting and how to convey the right messages using the right channels, as well providing some tips on engaging with social media influencers for your brand.

We got Wales talking about older workers 

Our Welsh Government ‘People Don’t Have a ‘Best Before’ Date’ campaign is in full swing, you may already have seen some of our new ads and coverage in publications across Wales.

As well as showcasing businesses supporting their older workers, the campaign aims to tackle stereotypes and offer solutions to help over 50s stay in work for as long as they choose. This week Welsh Business News covered an article from Dr Martin Hyde, associate professor at Swansea University’s Centre for Innovative Ageing and expert in older workers, on how the gig economy could offer a solution for older people who want to stay in work.

Flexibility, setting their own schedule and picking and choosing the work they want to do are all things drawing over 50s to gig working. Find out more here.

Why should we be podcasting?

This was the topic of this month’s social short. Every week six million people in the UK are taking control of what they listen to and downloading podcasts. These mini online radio programmes have traditionally been the domain of broadcasters and keen amateurs. But it’s a format that now presents a huge opportunity for businesses, large and small, to win new audiences.

Steve Austins argues that it’s time your business had an audio strategy.

Steve is the former editor of BBC Radio Wales and now director of audio content company,Bengo Media. His company produces podcasts for Welsh Government and Sport Wales and radio programmes for the BBC. Steve also consults with businesses on how to start and build audiences through podcasting.