Golley’s week that was #23

We’ve been curating content from Seren students at Yale university

For the past two weeks we’ve been following seven Welsh students from the Seren Network who’ve been across the pond experiencing student life at Yale University, thanks to a partnership recently established between the Welsh Government and Yale University’s summer school programme. We’ve been documenting the life-changing two weeks they’ve spent getting a taste of lectures, seminars and student fun at one of the most prestigious universities in the world… Check out the blog here!


The PR team got two great pieces of coverage for Folly Farm

With all the hot weather we’ve had in Wales this week, we arranged for one of the penguin keepers at Folly Farm to speak on the Wynne Evans Show about how they keep the penguins cool in the heat – from putting in sprinkler systems and ice cubes for the penguins to sit on, to fish ice lollies. Listen here! A keeper from Folly Farm was also interviewed for Thursday’s Metro, in an article about what it’s like to be a lion keeper. Rosie Badger was the youngest general keeper ever at Folly Farm, starting when she was just 18. Now she’s head lion keeper at Folly Farm, in charge of caring for a pride of six lions.

We looked at the winners from Cannes in this weeks Inspiration session

Following on from our Golley Lions a couple of weeks back, where we all nominated our favourite work in the Film and PR categories, watched them and voted for our favourites, this week we ran an Inspiration Session on who the actual winners were at Cannes. We did well in nominating a lot of the winners! Some of our favourite winners that we hadn’t nominated were “This Coke is Fanta” by Coca Cola, “Project Revoice” by the ALS Association and “The Marmite Gene Project” by Marmite – all very different but really clever and engaging. It’s been great to see what’s going on in our industry and have discussions on what we can learn from the amazing work out there!

This week our social adverts went live on Instagram for client ITEC.

We sent our social team to ITEC to film different content that can be used to promote its various courses, from hairdressing to catering. All footage was shot in both portrait and square so that the adverts are suitable to play on users’ stories and then in newsfeeds, encouraging as many people as possible to find out more and see what ITEC has to offer. Itec