Mitsubishi Motors – ‘Absorbing Life’

You’ll read the word ‘absorption’ a lot in this blog. Not only is it the theme of the Mitsubishi campaign which we’ve just created for the Channel 4 idents, but it was also a process that happened to us during the development of the work.

This is the fourth campaign we have created for Mitsubishi’s high-profile sponsorship package and sees a move away from the ‘Changing Perceptions’ end-line. It was also a chance to showcase an updated range of vehicles.

The idents see each model literally absorbing objects and more specifically, objects that inspired their creation – the very reasons behind their inception. The new campaign line, ‘Absorbing Life’ also reflects on the innovative and fascinating content that Channel 4 Documentaries produce.

So, what did we absorb?

Luckily, not the objects from our immediate surroundings (a dark Post Production studio in Soho), as the Mitsubishi vehicles do in the films. Otherwise we would have taken on eleven half-eaten bento boxes, five to six litres of tepid coffee (we probably did absorb that to be fair) and a small army of grey, sleep deprived CGI artists who haven’t seen natural light for three weeks! But we did absorb some very interesting things from the project.

The first being just how slick and affordable CG imaging has become. A decade ago, CG was an expensive luxury; saved for only the largest budgets and principally used for long-form content. Using CG technology used to be a risk unless you were prepared to spend the GDP of a small country. The difference in quality was evident to all, but with the right team around you, that is no longer the case. My god it’s still the same painfully slow and methodical process though!

The second absorption from the project was how important it is to make idents visually engaging. The time restrictions (along with other technical restrictions) means it isn’t the easiest of mediums to work with because they don’t really allow for complicated narratives or dialogue – therefore they are primed for strong visual ideas. Visual ideas that don’t lose their appeal as they date. Something that we feel we have achieved with this set of idents; they almost feel like lava-lamps for your TV.

And the final absorption from this project, has been how important it is to be surrounded by a good team. Working with an experienced and talented Director, production team, account team and most importantly a flexible client, makes all of the difference – without them you simply have a cool idea that can never escape from your A4 pad.

We look forward to you absorbing the idents yourself. Catch them on air from the 5th May.

David, Paul & Sophie