From a temporary internship to a permanent role – Tom’s story

Our most recent intern, Tom (pictured second from left) has written a blog post about the time he spent working as part of the creative team at our offices in Cardiff city centre.  Here he lifts the lid on how taking on an internship can often lead to so much more…

For me, an internship seemed the like the right stepping stone to take into the world of work. Having just recently graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University with a degree in graphic communication, I was first introduced to Golley Slater Cardiff at my end of year degree show, where Dave, one of the agency’s creative directors, came and spoke to me about my work. During this conversation he mentioned that Golley Slater Cardiff offers a paid internship program; I applied, and got the place – which was amazing!

The internship started the week after my graduation, and it was great to have something set up so soon after leaving university. At first it was quite daunting to come into a new creative space, but those feelings quickly disappeared. By the end of my first week, I knew that the world of work was both a big step up, but also a natural one. The work turn-around times are of course much faster, but working in a big office full of great people kind of feels like being back in the university studio space.

Looking back now, after completing the 12 weeks, it is incredible to see how much I have developed, both in terms of my skills as a designer but also as a person. The amount I have packed into this short space of time compared to my three years at university is staggering. Being in a real, working creative team has opened my eyes to many new aspects of the creative process. From learning about client interactions, picking up short-cuts for the adobe software, working as part of a larger team, helping create pitches, and driving a jaguar to North Wales – it has been a great experience!

The internship at Golley Slater Cardiff really helped me to take that initial step out of university, and go from a student to a graduate in the working world. For me, this amazing journey has not ended just yet, as I have just been offered – and accepted – a full time, permanent role as a junior artworker at Golley Slater Cardiff.

If anyone reading this is considering taking on an internship, my advice is to go for it – you will learn so much and if you’re lucky like me, it might even lead to a permanent role.

By Tom Temple, Junior Artworker