5 mobile apps to help you create better content

Content. It’s the buzzword of the moment in the world of communications, and everyone wants to know how they can be doing it better. At Golley Slater Cardiff, we’re lucky to have an in-house creative studio filled with art-workers and graphic designers, as well as a trained video journalist in our Social Media team and tons of talented writers and wordsmiths over in PR – but you don’t necessarily need any of that to create engaging content that connects with your audience.

Thanks to the wide range of content creation apps available on smartphones and in some cases on desktop, too, making and sharing interesting images and videos for use on social media has never been easier.

Here, we round up our five favourite apps for creating interesting content on the go:

1. Canva
This free app allows users to select personal photos from their mobile camera roll, or choose a licensed one from a library of more than one million images. Users can choose from various pre-existing template sizes (such as a Facebook cover banner or a profile photo), or create an image to their own specifications, and then overlay text using different fonts and filters. This means it’s great for creating presentation title slides, header images, Pinterest pins or inspirational quote artwork; we knocked up the Instagram image below in about 15 seconds. It’s also available on desktop.

2. Jittergram
This is a fun, free app (with in-app purchases available) which creates animated GIFs that can be shared across most social media platforms with a few simple steps. Jittergram creates entertaining, moving content as a great alternative to a static photo in a few taps of a button. Users can easily use it to create amateur stop-motion films, like this one!

3. RollWorld
A favourite in the Golley Slater Cardiff office, RollWorld creates a ‘tiny planet’ by creating a wormhole-like effect which wraps users’ original image into a spiral of sorts. It works best with really good panoramic images, but it’s fun to just experiment and play around with. When users have chosen their preferred image or video they can then apply a host of after-effects to enhance and distort it even further.

4. Nutshell
Nutshell is another free app, from the creators of Prezi. Users snap three photos in succession, and then the app maps the movement between the images to turn the sequence into a mini video. It gives users the option to overlay them with things like text, graphics, and quirky animated elements. See below for a cute example we made earlier today.


5. Quik
The Quik app comes from the makers of Go Pro and is designed to create videos that look professionally edited in just a few taps. Users can select multiple videos from their phone, pick a backing track, and Quik automatically cuts the videos together to the beat of the music. Users can then add transitions, text, effects, and filters. When the video is done, users can post the finished film directly to social media. Whilst the pre-loaded templates can be restrictive, being able to pull together something pretty polished in a matter of minutes is incredibly handy.

Words by Emily Gardner, Digital Content Executive.